1st twinning of the 21st century
The twinning between Montpellier and the urban community of Fès was signed on April 14th 2003 in Fès. Fès, city of the 1001 nights, on the wadi Fès, affluent of the river Sébou, accounts for 448 823 inhabitants and is the most ancient of the imperial cities of Morocco. The urban community of Fès accounts for one million inhabitants. Spiritual and Cultural capital of Morocco, with its universal heritage, Fès is crowned by its prestigious history, marked by the Andalusian influence which can be found in music, cooking, life style and architecture... Fès is a religious, touristic and academic center. Just like Montpellier, Fès is a millennial city that was founded in 789 by Moulay Idriss 1st. His name, meaning “pickaxe”,
illustrates the legend according to which the tool was found on the site of the first foundings. Its historical heritage is prestigious : the magnificent mosque Quaraouiyyîn (IXth – XIIth century) is the first university of the western world which was founded before the Sorbonne in Paris. Inside the surrounding walls pierced by gigantic doors, some of the nicest examples of the Muslim art of the Maghreb can be found (Madrasa Bu-Inaniyya, 1350 – 1357). Fès also has a diversified and very ancient handicraft tradition. The first inhabitants of the city, whether Andalusian or Kairwanese, brought a know-how that remained undenied. Nowadays, 30 000 craftsmen carry out their art in the medieval medina of Fès el-Bali. Potters and ceramists (zelliges) gave the city its reputation. The tanners’ neighborhood remains as a living testimony of an ancestral technique.
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